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Perfect Panda

Perfect Panda have black and white fur with typical Panda markings. Perfect Panda has a gold star-shaped medal with a ribbon on his belly.

The twins only appeared in one episode of The Care Bears Family TV Series.

I Love You Care Bear

I Love you Bear has yellow fur with a small heart badge on her chest saying "I love you" but later they put the heart on her belly, and it was given yellow border lines. Her fur color was also available in pastel pink.

She was a limited edition bear that was only made a plush toy. I Love You Bear was a bear that was only given out in the UK for Charity Groups.

Grams Care Bear

Grams bear has gray fur and her belly symbol is a pink rose with a yellow bow. She also always wears a pink shawl around her neck.

Grams Bear is the grandmother of the Care Bears family, who looks after the Kingdom of Caring's two youngest members, Baby Hugs and Tugs. A seasoned "veteran," an excellent storyteller, and a valued mentor for the family, she knows just about all there is about being a Care Bear, and is ready to lend a hand or a patient ear to help anyone in need.

She was first introduced as part of the 1980s toyline. She made her animation debut in the second Care Bears television special The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine. Since then, she has appeared in The Care Bears Movie, The Care Bears Family, and Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

Forest Friend Care Bear

Forest Friend Bear has forest brown fur and his belly symbol is a bear and a rabbit hugging with trees in the background.

Forest Friend Bear's job is to help keep forested areas safe.

He is a toy exclusive bear that arose from a joint effort between Tonka and the World Wildlife Fund to promote woodland conservation. He was available exclusively in British and Australian markets.

Noble Heart Horse

Noble Heart Horse's fur color is multi-pastel colored, in the original artwork and as a plush toy, or purple with a green and blue striped mane and tail in the second movie and the TV series, and his symbol is a multi-colored heart radiating from a central star.

For unknown reasons, Noble Heart Horse was not included in the toy line relaunch of the 2000s.

The only Cousin to be introduced in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation rather than the first.

The founder of the Care Bear Cousins, and also the co-founder of the Kingdom of Caring alongside True Heart Bear.